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365 Solution Services

Services to set up, customize and manage Microsoft 365 tailored to your unique requirements.

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Your 365 Digital Team

Digital Workspaces

Virtual Enterprise Collaboration

A Digital Workspace provides a social intranet environment for your remote teams to meet and collaborate virtually, better connect expertise and share learning.

A Digital Workspace strategy enables your organization to embrace The Future of Work and facilitate an increasingly distributed, remote and virtual enterprise.

365 Enterprise Infrastructure

For more complex scenarios and larger organizations, you may need to set up a number of enabling infrastructure components and services:

Cloud and Networking

Apps can be hosted on-premise or in the Cloud, requiring set up and management, such as backups, and features like voice call integration requires interfaces to telco providers.

Security and Devices

Employees may need tools such as virtual desktops, mobile and telephony devices, as well as specialist equipment like videoconferencing rooms, with secure access regulated through Active Directory profiles and integration.

Solution Guides

Solution Guides personalize the various features and capabilities of 365 to specific use case and industry scenarios.

Organizations like Unisys and Deutsche Bank have further enhanced their use of Microsoft Teams by connecting it to telephony networks and devices to enable a full suite of collaboration and communications.
Microsoft 365 offers a suite of tools that provide the building blocks for remote team collaboration, and further integrated into this suite are apps that can define, implement and measure high performance practices.
The Education edition of 365 offers a suite of features to enable digital learning. Our solution guide provides an overview of these features and best practices for implementing them in your classroom.

Thought Leadership

The Future of Work

Exploring the Transformation of Where, How and Why We Work

From the increasing work-from-home distributed workforce to a Metaverse future where team collaboration is entirely virtual, the era of ‘The Future of Work’ has begun and will evolve dramatically over the coming years and decades.

Read more in our ebook. This guide is intended for executives and technical teams embarking on this transformational journey, sharing insights and best practices that provide a blueprint for addressing these challenges.

We can design 365 solutions customized to your exact requirements.

Custom Solution Services

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