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Gamma combines voice, connectivity and mobile services into unified communications to keep businesses moving forward. Gamma is a leading supplier of Unified Communications as a Service (UCa […]
An easy-to-use migration tool that packs a powerful set of features. Migrate to Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Teams, Exchange online, merge tenants, unlimited support – everything you need for […]
Microsoft 365 provides robust services for business collaboration, yet Microsoft does not take responsibility for customer data. In fact, Microsoft recommends that users regularly back up c […]
Migrate your organization’s content to Microsoft 365 in a comprehensive way while ensuring the highest level of security with CloudFuze as the migration partner. Migrate user accounts, file […]
LumApps is a the only intranet packaged solution that allows employees to feel connected to their company and engaged in their work, from anywhere, by delivering a smart, modern digital hea […] for Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams can be extended through plugin enhancements from partners. from Flyte is a Microsoft Teams app for assessing and improving team morale. Employee satisfaction can be […]
Classter helps educational organizations streamline administrative operations and digitalize academic processes. Engage with your community in every stage of the learning journey from admi […]
Transform Education
Transform Education are award winning educators and consultants with a proven track record of delivering results and impact for schools, colleges, and universities. Transform Education’s co […]
Cloud Design Box
Cloud Design Box are CPD certified Microsoft Global Training Partners who help Microsoft Teams and SharePoint work better for education. Through our comprehensive onboarding, ongoing traini […]
TenAV is a leading provider of audiovisual solutions, specializing in creating immersive and collaborative environments for businesses. With their expertise in audiovisual technology and th […]
8x8 Phone App for Microsoft Teams
The 8x8 Phone App is a powerful tool that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, enhancing communication and collaboration within the platform. This app provides a range of features an […]
Neat: A Better Way to Meet on Microsoft Teams
Collaboration tools have become essential in today's digital workplace. With the rise of remote work and virtual meetings, it is crucial to have reliable and efficient devices that enhance […]
SMX 365
SMX 365 is email cybersecurity designed for the cloud and hybrid cloud environments. With true dual-layer email security, SMX 365 Gateway adds to, rather than, disables Microsoft’s security […]
Atlas Digital Workplace
Atlas is a Digital Workplace and Intranet Platform that connects people to what matters at work. Atlas is the first intelligent knowledge platform specifically designed for Microsoft 365. I […]
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