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Best Practices

The Education edition of 365 offers a suite of features to enable digital learning.

Our solution guide provides an overview of these features and best practices for implementing them in your classroom.





Best Practices

An ongoing series on 365
Digital Learning best practices.

Read the article series.

Classwork is a one-stop shop to create and organize class resources, including Assignments, OneNote Class Notebook pages, web links, files, and Teams channels.
MS Teams Education new updates include Annotate PDF, Mark as Excused, Reflect updates, new features in Reading Progress, and lots more.
AI brings numerous benefits to education, enabling personalized learning experiences and providing tailored recommendations, and automating administrative tasks, freeing up educators’ time to focus on teaching.
Solution Guide

Education 365

Digital Learning Best Practices with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 offers a practical and accessible solution for empowering students with modern digital learning tools.

Combined with partner services and solutions the suite can be extended to meet the needs of the smallest and largest teaching organizations.

Teaching Fundamentals

The combination of Sharepoint, Teams and other tools can be utilized to efficiently organize teaching content, track uptake and deliver engaging virtual classroom sessions.

Audio Visual Equipment

Connect 365 to video conferencing screens and other equipment for highly interactive classroom environments.

Application Integrations

Integrate the 365 suite with other school applications such as LMS (Learning Management Systems) and Student Administration, and extend it through plugin apps.

Solution Guide

A detailed introductory guide to 365 Education solutions, covering technology and implementation best practices and vendor capabilities.

Support Community

Our user community provides an online collaboration space for peer networking, e-learning and expert support.


Listings of 365 Education Partners who
provide training and app services.

Cloud Design Box are CPD certified Microsoft Global Training Partners who help Microsoft Teams and SharePoint work better for education.
Award winning educators and consultants with a proven track record of delivering results and impact for schools, colleges, and universities.
Classter helps educational organizations streamline administrative operations and digitalize academic processes.

We can support your schools adoption of 365 for Education.

365 Education Services

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