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The Future
of Work

Exploring the Transformation of Where, How and Why We Work


The Future of Work

Exploring the Transformation of Where, How and Why We Work

From the increasing work-from-home distributed workforce to a Metaverse future where team collaboration is entirely virtual, the era of ‘The Future of Work’ has begun and will evolve dramatically over the coming years and decades.

Organizations are presented with the opportunity to leverage a tremendously powerful confluence of disruptive trends, the intersection of these new office patterns changing where we work, with the explosion of AI-infused applications transforming how we work.

It also presents considerable challenges for both small and large organizations, from the practical tools and infrastructure through culture and practices.

For example Computer Weekly reported almost two-thirds of businesses fear their IT estate is incapable of supporting a hybrid workforce, with 48% admitting that remote staff don’t have access to the same solutions as office workers. Furthermore remote teams face challenges of isolation and motivation, and successfully adopting new virtual collaboration tools.

This guide is intended for executives and technical teams embarking on this transformational journey, sharing insights and best practices that provide a blueprint for addressing these challenges.
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Partner Solutions Guide

Microsoft Research defines a blueprint for The Future of Work. This solution guide describes how to implement this blueprint, with supporting vendor services and solutions,

Devices and Applications

Core 365 and partner applications, as well as telephony and conferencing devices, to enable a smart digital workplace.

Implementation Services

Provisioning, set up, training and ongoing support services.

Virtual Team Collaboration

Infrastructure for secure, distributed hybrid working, with apps to foster agile virtual teams and improve individual and organizational well-being.

Ai Powered Copilots

Adopt AI agents embedded within working practices to automate and greatly enhance the productivity of individuals and teams.

Workflow Apps & Plugins

365 and partner apps and integrations that customize the workspace to enable high performance business process models and collaboration patterns.


Listings of Partners who specialize in
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Sinch offers CPaaS and CCaaS solutions that integrate seamlessly into your existing technology stack, enabling your customers to manage all interactions in one place. 

Ribbon Communications delivers communications software, IP and optical networking solutions to service providers, enterprises and critical infrastructure sectors globally.

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