Enterprise 365

Enterprise adoption blueprint for Microsoft 365 Cloud

Cloud-Powered Enterprise Agility

Implementing Agile Practices on the Microsoft Cloud

The Enterprise edition of Microsoft 365 is specifically designed for larger organizations and enterprises.

It offers all the features of the standard edition and includes additional capabilities to meet the complex needs of enterprise-level users, providing advanced security, compliance, analytics, collaboration, and administration capabilities.

Through the Frontline Edition and Cloud PCs it has been tailored for enterprise organizations with large bodies of shift work employees, such as Healthcare, Call Center and Retail.

Our guide explains best practices for enterprise adoption of 365 in these types of scenarios, and details a blueprint of the combination of processes and applications required to achieve organization-wide agility and high performance teams.


KPMG leverages SharePoint Premium, Viva Topics, and Power Automate for AI Document Automation.


Crocs supports its prolific global growth and saves $250,000 a year with Windows 365.

Case Study Showcase

Enterprise Thought Leaders

Our case study series showcases how enterprise organizations from across many different industries are leveraging 365 to power their digital transformation and agile team working.

Featuring case studies from Crocs shoes to Banking, we document best practices of real-world lessons learned, describing key insights covering team working practices, application features and infrastructure design.


ING banks on Windows 365 to improve management and performance for a remote workforce.
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