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High Performance Virtual Teams

Accelerated by the pandemic remote, virtual working has become the norm for many organizations.

This presents many challenges including cultural and technological, but if addressed correctly can unlock high performance team capabilities: new, more efficient and collaborative ways of working.

In this article MIT explores these challenges, identifying best practices that not only support remote team working but in a way where they outperform traditional office-based ones.

Microsoft 365 offers a suite of tools that provide the building blocks for remote team collaboration, and further integrated into this suite are apps that can define, implement and measure high performance practices.

As well as the core tools of Teams and Sharepoint, 365 features other apps like Planner and Viva Goals, which can be synthesized together and utilized to implement a high performance team system for organization-wide enterprise agility.

In this guide we explain each of these apps and define a surrounding best practice framework for how they can be utilized to achieve this high performance system.

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