Solgari: Contact Centre for Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365

Solgari's Cloud Contact Centre for Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 enables every employee to be a customer service champion.

For organizations seeking to replicate the AI-powered customer engagement strategy implemented by pioneers like Aberdeen City Council, they can develop their own in-house or adopt partner solutions.

Customer Satisfaction and Employee Engagement are more important than ever for every organisation.

Customers expect a personalised experience through their preferred Communication channels. They expect intuitive self-service options – and they want to be connected to people who have a complete view of all their history and the right mix of skills to help solve their query on the first call.

However the in-house development route can prove very challenging, in terms of costs and skills that many do not have, so a more effective choice is a ready to go Cloud-based solution from the Microsoft partner community.


Introducing Solgari: Solgari’s Cloud Contact Centre for Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 enables every employee to be a customer service champion.

Deployed from Microsoft Azure in minutes and configured by the client in days, Solgari delivers rapid speed to value and removes the risk typically associated with complex systems integration projects.

  • Customers can access the organisation on their preferred communication channel: Voice, SMS, or Social.
  • Advanced self-service, powered by Azure OpenAI, ensures customers can be authenticated and find answers to common issues quickly.
  • Intelligent skills-based routing connects customers with the right people to resolve their issue on the first call.
  • Customer service agents are assisted with AI powered Copilots that can summarise the user’s query and quickly help find the best solutions from within the organisation’s knowledge base.
  • With Solgari for Teams, other colleagues can be brought into the conversation to help resolve any queries and also to support when there are cross-sell or up-sell opportunities.
  • Supervisors can coordinate the entire experience by monitoring and mentoring agents mid-call.

Solgari provides real-time analytics and reports with powerful management tools for easy queue or group adjustments. Business leaders are protected, as Solgari automatically meets the exacting standards of all highly regulated industries – unlocking the full potential of the Microsoft estate.

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