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End User Computing Strategies
for the Distributed Enterprise

End User Computing

Empowering Distributed Work

End User Computing (EUC) plays a crucial role in enabling organizations to adapt to the changing dynamics of work and embrace The Future of Work.

End User Computing refers to the technologies and solutions that empower end-users to access and utilize applications, data, and resources from any device, at any time, and from any location.

Virtual Desktops and Cloud PCs

The building block for enterprise end user computing with 365 are Cloud PCs. Securely stream your Windows experience—including your personalized apps, content, and settings—from the Microsoft Cloud to any device.

Identity and Security

365 uses Entra ID to manage identities and authentication, to regulate who can access your services, as part of an overall suite of security services that protects devices and data from risks like phishing and malware.

Secure Storage and Backups

OneDrive provides Cloud Storage that users can utilize to backup and share their files, and it can integrate with apps like Sharepoint. There are also solutions for backing up your entire 365 data.

Cloud Services

The Cloud provides the core building block for empowering remote workers to share files and collaborate, securely.

Building on this foundation 365 provides a suite of applications for users to perform their work from anywhere, on any device.

Solution Guide

A detailed guide to Digital Workspace solutions, covering technology and implementation, including Maturity Model and Adoption Roadmap.

Support Community

Our user community provides an online collaboration space for peer support, feature requests and product roadmaps, with dedicated zones for adoption scenarios like AVD.

Best Practices

An ongoing best practice article series on enterprise strategies for EUC adoption.

Comparing the two virtual desktop offerings from Microsoft, and which use case each is ideal for.
This guide outlines best practices for effectively using OneDrive and SharePoint together.
With its latest features, OneDrive offers a seamless experience for individuals and businesses alike, enhancing collaboration and productivity.
Partner Services & Solutions

Enhancing 365

Partners offer a wide spectrum of products and services that can augment your 365 environment, and tailor it to meet specific requirements you may have, such as backups or security.

Enabling employees to access these applications requires an integrated suite of infrastructure services that spans Cloud hosting, Identity, Devices and Endpoint Security. The Solution Guide details an Azure solution architecture and implementation Statement of Work, covering:

Featured Partner: ShareFile enables users to securely share files, host a client portal and action workflows for digital signatures.


Listings of Azure Partners who specialize in
Virtual Working and offer implementation services.

IGEL offers COSMOS, a unified, agile platform to securely manage and automate the delivery of digital workspaces, from any cloud.

Citrix DaaS is built on Microsoft Azure, designed to support Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows Server resources to meet your ever-changing business needs.
Stratodesk offers a VDI solution for leverage existing PCs, Laptops, Thin Clients and Raspberry Pis by transforming them into high performing endpoints.

We can help design and implement your ideal virtual working solution.

Digital Workspace Design Services

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