Adoption Guide

Our 365 Adoption Guide provides a blueprint for planning your own roll-out and realizing these same benefits.


365 Adoption Blueprint

A standardized implementation template for successfully accelerating your 365 adoption.

Maximize your ROI

Benefits of $47.10 million over three years versus costs of $12.06 million, adding up to a net present value (NPV) of $35.04 million and an ROI of 291%.

Frontline worker efficiencies

By communicating and collaborating through Microsoft Teams workers became more efficient and effective at serving customers, saving $14.3 million.

Cost savings from retiring legacy solutions

Retiring legacy collaboration platforms saved more than $1.1 million.

The Forrester Report on TEI for 365 adoption describes the cost savings and business benefits 365 delivers.

They constructed a financial model using the TEI methodology and risk-adjusted the financial model based on issues and concerns of interviewees.

Calculate Your ROI

Walk through our maturity model analysis tool to determine your current capability and plan a future roadmap.

365 Champions Program

Your Sharepoint intranet can be entirely customized to suit your organizations
design style and functionality requirements.

Style and Layout Design

All facets of your Sharepoint intranet can be tailored to your organizations style preferences, including logos, colours, headers/footers and navigation structure.

Forms and Workflows

Using Power Automate you can configure workflows in your Sharepoint environment, and you can use the SharePoint Framework (SPFx).




Your Digital Workspace can also be extended through third-party applications from partners.

These provide functionality for a range of use case scenarios, from HR to software development.

LumApps is a the only intranet packaged solution that allows employees to feel connected to their company and engaged in their work, from anywhere, by delivering a smart, modern digital headquarters where they can design their ideal work experience. from Flyte is a Microsoft Teams app for assessing and improving team morale.

Atlas is the first intelligent knowledge platform specifically designed for Microsoft 365.

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