Enterprise 365 – Enabling Frontline Workers with the Power of the Cloud

Through a new Frontline Edition and Cloud PCs, Microsoft is tailoring 365 for large enterprises with shift-based variable workforces.

The Enterprise edition of Microsoft 365 is specifically designed for larger organizations and enterprises.

It offers all the features of the standard edition and includes additional capabilities to meet the complex needs of enterprise-level users.

It provides advanced security, compliance, analytics, collaboration, and administration capabilities, empowering organizations to enhance productivity, protect sensitive data, and drive business success.

  • Advanced Security: The Enterprise edition provides advanced security features such as data loss prevention, threat intelligence, and advanced threat protection. These features help organizations protect sensitive data and defend against evolving cyber threats.
  • Advanced Compliance: Enterprise edition offers enhanced compliance capabilities, including eDiscovery, legal hold, and advanced data governance. These features assist organizations in meeting regulatory requirements and managing legal and compliance-related challenges.
  • Advanced Analytics: The Enterprise edition includes advanced analytics tools such as Power BI Pro and MyAnalytics. These tools enable organizations to gain valuable insights from their data and make data-driven decisions.
  • Advanced Collaboration: Enterprise edition offers advanced collaboration features, including advanced file sharing and co-authoring capabilities. It also includes Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice, which allows organizations to integrate telephony and communication services.
  • Enterprise-level Administration: The Enterprise edition provides enhanced administration and control features, allowing IT administrators to manage user access, security policies, and device management at an enterprise scale.

Frontline and Cloud PCs

For enterprise adoption of 365 Microsoft offers a suite of complimentary capabilities, services and partner solutions. This includes security policies to ensure compliance for key sectors such as Government. For example the Cabinet Office issued guidelines to enable government-wide adoption of the service, and also in the US it has been approved to meet FedRAMP requirements.

Most notably Microsoft are tailoring 365 for ‘Frontline Workers’, from a suitably named Frontline edition and also Cloud PCs, highly available, optimized, and scalable virtual machines that provide users with a rich Windows desktop experience, hosted in the Windows 365 service.

Frontline workers include healthcare providers who might have three shifts in the hospital, call center workers who do their jobs remotely or a construction or retail worker who largely works on-site needs mobile flexibility since their work often spans multiple job sites or different stores. Gartner estimates that there are 2.7 billion frontline workers—more than twice the number of desk-based workers.

Equipping all frontline employees with their own devices is not economically feasible for many organizations, particularly when many only require access while on the job. Frontline workers often share physical PCs or kiosks, which some CIOs have told us pose real security and identity challenges. This can inhibit productivity and put critical information like intellectual property or customer data at risk.

Windows 365 Frontline is designed to work the way frontline workers work, whether part-time or on a shift. Their Cloud PCs are accessible during their shift and they power down when their shift is over. They provide these employees with access to their personalized Windows apps, settings, and data, helping them save time and increase efficiency, and freeing them to work from anywhere and on any device.

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