How to use Classwork in Microsoft Teams

Classwork is a one-stop shop to create and organize class resources, including Assignments, OneNote Class Notebook pages, web links, files, and Teams channels.

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Teams for Education, a powerful collaboration platform developed by Microsoft, has introduced an exciting new feature called Classwork.

This feature aims to enhance the teaching and learning experience by providing educators with a comprehensive set of tools to organize, distribute, and assess assignments within their Teams environment.

Classwork is a one-stop shop to create and organize class resources, including Assignments, OneNote Class Notebook pages, web links, files, and Teams channels.

This means you no longer have to navigate multiple apps and platforms to find what you need. With Classwork, you can curate a view of content and resources that will help your students navigate the class and see everything in one place.

The Classwork feature in Teams for Education provides teachers with a centralized hub to organize their course materials, assignments, and resources. With the ability to create different categories and modules, educators can structure their content in a logical and easily accessible manner. This organization feature allows teachers to maintain a clear overview of their curriculum and ensures that students can easily locate and access the necessary materials.


Efficient distribution of assignments is crucial for effective teaching and learning. Classwork in Teams for Education simplifies this process by enabling teachers to create and distribute assignments directly within the platform. Teachers can attach files, add instructions, set due dates, and even assign specific tasks to individual students or groups.

This streamlined distribution process saves time and ensures that students receive assignments promptly.


Classwork also offers robust assessment capabilities, allowing teachers to evaluate student progress and provide timely feedback. Within the platform, educators can create quizzes, assign grades, and provide comments on student submissions.

The integrated grading system ensures that teachers can efficiently track student performance and maintain accurate records. Additionally, the ability to provide feedback directly within the platform promotes a collaborative learning environment.


Teams for Education is designed to seamlessly integrate with other Microsoft tools, such as OneNote and SharePoint. This integration allows teachers to leverage the full potential of these tools within the Classwork feature. For example, educators can easily embed OneNote notebooks directly into assignments, enabling students to collaborate and take notes within a shared document.

Furthermore, the integration with SharePoint enables teachers to access and share additional resources, fostering a rich and diverse learning experience.

With the new Classwork feature in Teams for Education, teachers can streamline their workflow, enhance collaboration, and provide a more organized learning experience for their students. By leveraging the power of this feature, educators can focus on what matters most – delivering high-quality education and empowering students to succeed.

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