Viva Engage | The New Community Experience in Microsoft Teams

Bring organizations together to engage across both personal and professional interests with Microsoft Viva Engage, a new experience in Teams and Outlook. The shift to hybrid workplaces has made it harder for employees to connect, engage, and build communities within their internal network. If you’re new to Viva Engage, it’s the evolution of the Yammer Communities app integrated in Microsoft Teams and will be coming soon to Outlook.

We’ll show you how it helps build communities within your internal network, and how you can share experiences and insights with the new Storyline capability using Stories – short videos and pictures that allow you to capture and share key moments. And take a look at a new feature called Answers that helps everyone find answers to their questions and receive guidance from experts across their organization.

Michael Holste, Sr. Product Manager at Microsoft, demonstrates how Viva Engage helps your organization stay connected using familiar tools and platforms.


00:00 – Introduction
00:28 – Core Experiences
01:50 – Using the New Storyline Capability
02:55 – First Look at Premium Features
03:40 – Leadership Corner
04:41 – Social Campaigns
05:11 – Answers Hub
06:22 – Top IT Considerations/Questions
07:28 – Wrap Up

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