12 New features for Microsoft Whiteboard in Teams

A tutorial video showing 12 new features for Whiteboard in Teams Meetings. Learn how to use Microsoft Whiteboard and these 12 new features including Loop Component support, Follow me, Timer, Template improvements, and lots more. Some of these Microsoft Whiteboard features are in public preview, some are fully rolled out to General Availability.

✅ Microsoft Whiteboard new features blog:…

📝 Table of Contents
0:00 Introduction
0:11 Reuse Whiteboards in Microsoft Teams meetings
0:37 Loop components in Whiteboard
1:41 Follow me
3:33 Timer
4:08 Create and share Whiteboard templates
5:04 Templates search bar
5:32 Embed Videos and web links
6:02 Velocity eraser
6:28 Author labels on sticky notes
7:12 Sticky note formatting and font
7:37 Sticky note auto-resize of text
7:54 Whiteboards in Teams Call Chat

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